It's my birthday! Let's celebrate!

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Hi, friends!
This year, for my birthday, I decided to do things a little differently.
My birthday is on the 7th and my favorite number is 7, so I've picked out my favorite 7 items from our shop.
And since I'm turning 37 today, I'm giving you all 37% off my faves!
No promo code needed. Discount shown in cart. Today (10/7) only!

#7: Sweet Vermont Maple Syrup

I'm a Vermonter through and through, and Sunday breakfast is a big thing in our house, so you know this is a staple. The little 100ml bottle is the cutest size we carry from Brigham Hill Maple and it's our son's favorite size, too. Perfect for little hands.
Sweet Vermont Maple Syrup (100ml)

#6: Figgy Quilted Coasters

Did you know that I lived in Spain for a semester in college? At the end of the semester, my parents came for a visit, and we did a tour through central and southern Spain. On one of our hikes in the Alpujarras, we came across some fig trees, which inspired the custom Figgy fabric I created for these coasters.
Figgy Quilted Coasters

#5: Scrappy Splits Paper Piecing Pattern

This paper piecing pattern is not the first I made, nor our most popular, but it's my absolute favorite. I love triangles and this was a fun design to create. It's a great scrap-buster, and you know I keep aaaaaaallll the scraps.
Scrappy Splits Paper Piecing Pattern

#4: Mid Mod - Modern Japanese Rice Bag

My mom made this gorgeous pieced bag. She makes each pieced bag differently, so there's only one of these in the shop. I love the prints and the shape of the bag. It's perfect for bringing little fiber art projects on-the-go.
Mid Mod - Modern Japanese Rice Bag

#3: Hand-Dyed Rainbow Bowl #7

My mom hand-dyed a big piece of rainbow fabric years ago, and I thought I had used all of it up. This summer, though, I found one little piece of it left, and used it to make this bowl. I just love it!
Hand-Dyed Rainbow Bowl #7

#2: Monarch Butterfly Sticker

I have raised monarch butterflies for a few years now, and I love watching them change from egg to tiny caterpillar, bigger caterpillar to chrysalis, and finally emerging as a beautiful butterfly. I drew this butterfly on Procreate and the colors are borrowed from one of the monarchs I released in 2022.
Monarch Butterfly Sticker

#1: Squash Quilted Coasters

Fall is my favorite season. I love the foliage here in Vermont, going apple picking, corn mazes, slow-roasting squash, making pumpkin pie, you name it. Fall is where it's at, and the color combo in these says fall-fall-fall. This is my absolute favorite item in our shop.
Squash Quilted Coasters
Did something catch your eye? Don't forget - today's discount lasts today (10/7) only, so don't wait!
Thanks for reading!
XO - Kat


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