Our Story

We are a mother-daughter business based in Northern Vermont. We made our first sale together on Etsy in 2013, but our family has been creating things by hand for generations. My great-grandfather was a New England farmer who created beautiful wooden furniture with his lathe, worked hard to re-purpose materials, and took pride in creating things by hand.

Working with our hands helps us connect with our family history. We take pride in sourcing our materials locally (whenever possible), assembling our products with care, and creating as little waste as possible.

We sell primarily online, but we also sell in-person at a handful of sales and stores. In addition to our regular line of products, we enjoy creating one-of-a-kind custom items for our customers that reflect their own family interests and values.

Thanks for shopping by!

XO - Kat & Jenny


P.S. Our business used to be named Kat's Paws - some of our product reviews mention this. It's still us!