5 Ways to Use Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks

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As you probably already know, we sell paper-piecing patterns. Foundation paper piecing is a great way to use up scrap fabrics and once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. You may be wondering what you can make with paper pieced quilt blocks.
Here are some ideas:


The most common and traditional use of paper pieced pattern quilt blocks is to assemble them into beautiful quilts. Once you have created several paper pieced blocks, you can arrange and sew them together to form a larger quilt top. By using different paper pieced patterns, you can create intricate designs and stunning visual effects in your quilt.

Pillows and Cushions

Paper pieced blocks can also be used to make decorative pillows or cushion covers. Simply sew a few blocks together and add a fabric backing to create a unique and personalized accent piece for your home decor. Mix and match different block patterns to add variety and interest to your pillow or cushion designs. I like to add a border to my pillows, but you definitely don't have to. I made the pillowcase on the left using 4 of my Wonky Geese blocks. 

Table Runners and Placemats

Another way to utilize paper pieced blocks is by incorporating them into table runners or placemats. Choose a few complementary block designs and sew them together in a row to create a visually appealing table runner. Alternatively, use a single block as the centerpiece of a placemat, surrounded by coordinating fabrics.

Wall Hangings

Paper pieced blocks can be turned into eye-catching wall hangings or art pieces. Select a few favorite block patterns and arrange them in a pleasing composition. Add a border, batting, and backing fabric, and quilt the layers together. Finish it off with a binding and a hanging sleeve on the back. Hang your creation on a wall to showcase your paper piecing skills and add a touch of handmade art to your space. Wall hangings are especially great if you don't have a lot of blocks to work with.

Bags and Totes

Get creative and use paper pieced blocks to make unique bags or totes. Incorporate a block or two into the design of a bag, either as a focal point or as an accent. You can create a patchwork effect by combining paper pieced blocks with other fabric panels or even add embroidery or appliqué details to enhance the overall look.

Remember, paper piecing offers endless possibilities for creativity. I'd love to hear from you all about your favorite ways to use paper-pieced quilt blocks. 

Looking for a pattern suggestion? Our most popular patterns are Wonky Star, Ziggy, Scrappy Splits, and Burst. You can find them separately on our website or in a bundle all together. The bundle saves you $4, by the way, which means you get one of the patterns for free!
Please note: If you haven't done paper piecing before, we highly recommend going through this beginner's tutorial on Craftsy before purchasing any patterns.


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