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Meet Our Friends at Brigham Hill Maple

Posted by Kat Salemno on

Did you know that, in addition to selling handmade sewn and quilted items, we also carry sweet Vermont maple syrup from our friends at Brigham Hill Maple? You can find maple syrup paired with our bestselling quilted fabric coasters, or on its own in a few different sizes (100ml, pint, or quart). 

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Brigham Hill Maple is located just a few minutes from us in nearby Essex, Vermont. Al Bushey and his wife Kaitlyn own and operate the sugarhouse, which is located on Al's family's land.

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While their sugaring operation involves around 3,000 taps, it's still considered a relatively small operation. I love that Al and Kaitlyn are carrying on this important part of Vermont tradition.

Al and Kaitlyn sell directly through their website, and also in person at the Burlington Farmer's Market. In addition to making maple syrup, Al and Kaitlyn also make maple sugar (which is delicious in coffee, by the way), maple creammaple candy (which is my husband's favorite), and maple wedding favors. You can also get Vermont breakfast bundles, which include syrup and pancake mix - it's a great gift to send to maple lovers anywhere. 

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I recently asked Kaitlyn of Brigham Hill Maple about their operation; read on to find out more about this awesome small Vermont business!

How did you get into sugaring?

Al’s family has sugared on Brigham Hill for generations, and it was a tradition he wanted to continue. Sugaring allows Al to be outside and with his friends, two things he really enjoys. (Here's a picture of Al building the first sugarhouse as a teenager!)

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What is your schedule like during sugaring season?

Sugaring season is from Mid-February until Mid-April and during this time Al goes to the sugarhouse every day at 7 or 8 AM and is often there until after midnight on the nights we boil. Kaitlyn, Al’s Dad, and our good friend Justin come to help when we boil, which lasts 3-4 hours. On the nights that we don’t boil, Al makes it home by 8 or 9. 3.

(You can learn more about their sugaring process here.)

What do you like to do when you're not sugaring?

We spend every Saturday at the Burlington Farmer’s Market selling syrup and maple cotton candy. We try to use the property to the fullest and Al is often there doing tree work, splitting firewood, selling compost, hunting, and gardening. We have a boat and spend a lot of fishing on Lake Champlain during the summer and winter.

What's your favorite maple product to make?

Many people visiting the market are surprised that maple cotton candy exists, and we love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they try it. Our favorite is the expression children have when cotton candy melts in their mouth for the first time.

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What's your favorite part of working with One Stitch Back?

We love working with local businesses whenever we can and have quickly learned that we can get farther supporting each other. We especially love working with One Stitch Back because they always find new and different ways to give back to the community, which is something we would like to do more of.

You can connect with Brigham Hill Maple on Facebook - please give them a like and tell them we sent you! You can also contact them through their website and shop their products here on our site, as well. And remember, when you buy a Vermont Maple Bundle, you're supporting two small family businesses! 


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