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Well, friends. Valentine's Day is a week away! When it comes to putting together Valentine exchange cards for my son's class, I'm all about simplicity. There are 3 things that I think about when considering little gifts, like classroom Valentines or teacher appreciation gifts:

  • Can I keep it low budget? Like many families, we are living on a budget. While I do like to plan ahead when there are upcoming holidays, regular household expenses can get in the way of make special purchases. And if something unexpected comes up, like a medical bill or a broken appliance? Forget it. 
  • Can I use something I already have on hand? In addition to keeping on budget for the month, I don't like to create a lot of waste with projects. This applies to my business as well as my family life. If I can create something special with arts and craft items (like fabric, paper, ribbon/string) without having to order anything or stop at a store, all the better. 
  • Does it meet a need? Obviously, I want little gifts to be cute, but I also want them to be functional. For example, last year for Teacher Appreciation Day, I gave my son's teachers each a quilted coaster and a coffee card. Long after the coffee was gone, the coaster would still serve a purpose (while being stylish!). 

The Valentine exchange cards that I put together this year meet all 3 points! Here's how:

I used crayons I already had on hand to make dino crayons. 

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I used cardstock we already had on hand to make the cards

Giving crayons as a gift instead of a sweet treat means we are not contributing to kids' sugar crashes! Plus, they inspire kids to get creative with art!

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If you don't have time or the supplies to make dino crayons, you can alternatively attach a dino figurine to the card instead. How cute is that?

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Get the free DINO-MITE printable here.


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