5 Ways You Can Support Ukraine Right Now

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The situation in Ukraine right now is dire. You may be wondering how you can help. Here are 5 ways you can support Ukraine right now:

1. Donate directly to a relief organization.

This article from Fortune lists 8 organizations in need of relief funds.

2. If you're a maker, you can buy charity patterns. 

If you crochet, check out this sunflower pillow pattern from Mister Domestic (all proceeds go to UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Appeal). If you cross stitch, the proceeds from this pattern go to the Ukraine Red Cross Emergency Appeal. We have a sunflower paper piecing pattern here in our shop, as well, which happens to be the national flower of Ukraine; 100% of the sales of this pattern will go to Ukrainian Jersey City - a nonprofit organization based in downtown Jersey City. Donations made to UJC will go toward military and medical supplies, along with humanitarian aid.



3. Shop digital items from Ukrainian sellers on Etsy and help them support their families right now.

Go to Etsy and search "digital download," then use the filter to show shops located in Ukraine, and purchase something you like. It's important to purchase something that does not require customization or proofing since the seller may not have direct access to their home and/or studio. I suggest checking out digital art prints, as there are several beautiful options to choose from.

I've started a Favorites list on Etsy with some digital products from Ukraine if you'd like to check it out. 

4. Speak out on social media against the attack.

This costs nothing, but showing your support for Ukraine means a lot. Share news articles about what is going on or share a way to donate.

5. Reach out to local Ukrainian families and organizations.

Ask them what they need directly. 


Everything adds up. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. 


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