Kids' ADJUSTABLE 3-Layer Washable/Reusable Fabric Face Masks - Various Colors/Prints

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Our kids' size fabric face masks measure approx. 7" wide by 3" tall, expand in the middle to cover your nose and mouth, have 2 pleats, and have ADJUSTABLE elastics that extends just over 2" when brought to a point (see last image). Buttons that move to adjust elastic are made with soft silicone.

Kids come in so many different sizes -- if you find that your mask is too large for your little one, there are a couple things you can do. You can tie a knot in the elastic on each side to make the fit more snug, or you can even connect the elastic in the back with a paper clip or safety pin.

These masks are made with the SMALL pattern by Deaconess.

The only change we have made to the pattern is to add a layer of non-woven interfacing between the fabrics.

Masks are washable and reusable. For info on how to wear and clean your fabric mask, please visit the CDC's website

Please note, the masks you receive may differ slightly in appearance from the ones pictured, due to the fact that they are made by us, humans! :)

Colors and quantities of available masks will be updated frequently. Due to rapidly-changing availability of supplies, mask may be lined with a different (but coordinating) fabric, elastic may be thinner, thicker, or a different color than pictured, and thread may be a different color. Prices may also fluctuate due to the same reason.